- Who is supposed to use Kayboo ?

This service is for freelances looking for jobs and to corporate structures  belonging to the IT world( new technologies, web design, development, etc..) seeking skills to carry out their project.

- How does the linking process works in Kayboo ?
Step 0: Creation of a mission by the company
Step 1: Research by the company of freelances who can meet this mission, and request of linking (the freelance remains anonymous at this stage)
Step 2: Acceptation or rejection of the offer by the freelance
Step 3(Rejection): End of the process, a rejection is sent to the company
Step 3(Acceptation): An acceptation mail is sent to the company. At this stage the freelance details are available to the company.
Step 4(Not chosen):An email is sent to the freelance or a set of freelancers by telling them that they were not chosen. At this stage the freelance details are still visible because there’s a link between the freelance and the company.
Step 4(Retained): The company retains the candidate and he receives a confirmation email.

- How is confidentiality managed?
By default all the freelance profiles in Kayboo are anonymous, anonymity is removed in case of acceptance of a linking with a company. This anonymity mask the freelance identity and the url of his personal website if this information is filled, actually all information which permit to identify the freelance. The same applies to all exchanges of mail notification, in which identity is replaced by an id.

 - When does the anonymity  recovered?
Anonymity is recovered from the time the mission is archived by the freelance or the mission end date is reached. However, in each accepted linking between a freelance and a company, a link establishing a relation between both is created. This link is prior (based on the fact that there’s no current mission) under the conditions described above, this link must be removed to recover its anonymity.  The removal of this link is possible via the menu « My companies ».

- How do I create an evaluation?
Once the linking is established between the freelance and the company and they are both agree to work together, an evaluation is automatically created with the draft status in the menu of each participant. Then you can complete it and decide to publish.

- When is the deadline to modify my evaluation?
The modification of an evaluation is possible until 45 days after the end of the mission.

- I find abusive or inappropriate language within an evaluation what is the procedure?
On each evaluation there’s a « report abuse » button, allowing teams Kayboo to check whether there’s indeed a non-compliance with the rules of conduct described on the terms of use.

- What type of notifications can I see on my dashboard?

There are 2 types of notifications within Kayboo

- Information
                - Update of my profile
                - Indication of a visit on my profile
                - Indication of the different status of the linking process
                - Indication of the archiving of a mission
                - Indication that an evaluation has not yet been published

- Warning
                - Indication that the freelance has not been retained for the mission
                - Indication that the freelance has refused the mission

- How do I find a freelance within Kayboo?
Within the menu, the company have access to the search engine, where it find all the freelance available. It can then refine the search through all available criteria. From this search it’s possible to reach the public profile. It can view certain information subject to confidentiality level established between him and the freelance.


- Where can I find the missions on my freelance profile?
There’s a push system, so when the company creates a mission there’s an option to associate the missions with skills. So freelancers having those skills will be able to see those missions. The list of those missions will be available via the menu « Missions->Offers and an email will be also sent.

- If I don’t find my skills what is the procedure to follow?
Adding skills is performed via the menu “My account->My skills”, in case of missing skills it’s possible to submit a proposal to the Kayboo team which will take care after checking to add the missing skills.

-I don’t want to be contacted for specific skills what is the procedure to follow?
Within the screen management skills there’s a checkbox, present in the last column of the table which allow excluding or including a skill during the search performed by the company.

- How do I access the companies I have worked with?
This link can be found through the menu « My companies »; it is here that the freelance manages the fact that his details remain visible to company at the end of their collaboration.

- How do I close a mission which is ending prematurely?
In the details of « current mission » there’s the presence of a button « Archive » which allows to close the mission.